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Total Loyalty to God Alone




Dec 20, 2020

If GOD exists you are going to say Prove it!

If GOD does not exists we are going to say Prove it?

If GOD has sent a message you are going to say Prove it!

We are going to say GOD has proved it? ( GOD has given you the hearing , the eyesight and the brain. Check it for yourself!)

We have checked both possibilities!

We are going to say do you  believe in the old testament, the new testament or both?

We are also going to say Where did the last scripture ( Koran) come from? 

Those who ignore, do not want to know, are burying their head in the sand? 

It is either YES ( from GOD) or NO? Then either believe or disbelieve!

The choice is yours. You decide after you have checked? Or do not bother to check?

40:69″ Have you noted those who argue against GOD s proofs and how they have deviated.”

40:75″ This is because you used to rejoice in false doctrines on earth and you used to promote them.”

40:78″ We have sent messengers before you, some of them We mentioned to you and some We did not. No messenger can produce any miracle (or proofs) without GOD s authorisation. Once GOD s judgement is issued, the truth dominates and the falsifiers are exposed and humiliated.”

40:81″ HE ( GOD) thus shows you HIS proofs. Which of GOD s proofs can you deny?”

40:83″ When our messengers went to them with clear proofs, they rejoiced in the knowledge they had inherited, and the very things that they ridiculed were the cause of their fall.”

40:84″ Subsequently when they saw the retribution they said:” Now we believe in GOD ALONE( and HIS message) and we now disbelieve in the idol worship ( following conjecture and guesswork!) that we used to practise.” “

40:85″ Their belief then could not help them in the least, once they saw our retribution. Such is GOD s System that has been established to deal with HIS creatures; The disbelievers are always doomed.”

41:5″ They said:” Our minds are made up, our ears are deaf to your message and a barrier separates us from you. Do what you want and so will we.”

41:6″ Say:” I am no more than a human being like you, who has been inspired that your god is ONE god. You shall be devoted to HIM, and ask HIS forgiveness. Woe to the idols worshippers.” ( Followers of doctrines, wishful thinking , man made stuff and guesswork…)

41:33″ Who can utter better words than the one who invites to GOD, works righteousness and says:” I am one of the submitters.” ( Listens to GOD s message)

41:34″ Not equal is the good response and the bad response. You shall resort to the nicest possible response, thus, the one who used to be your enemy may become your friend.” ( Waste of time arguing! GOD is the only judge.)

41:38″ If they are too arrogant to do this, then those at your Lord ( All the creatures that already submitted to HIM) glorify HIM day and night without ever tiring.”

41:40″ … Do whatever you wish. HE (GOD) is Seer of everything you do.”

41:41″ Those who have rejected the Koran s proof ( From this generation) have also rejected an honourable book.” (A message from your Creator!)

41:42″ No falsehood could enter it in the past or in the future; ( preserved for all future generations!)  A revelation from a Most Wise, Praiseworthy.”

41:43″ What is said to you is precisely what was said to the previous messengers. (and prophets) That your Lord possesses forgiveness, and HE also possesses painful retribution.”

41:44″ If We made it a non- Arabic Koran,( scripture) they would have said why did it come down in that language.( Whatever language GOD chooses, there is always those who want it in a different one?) Whether it is Arabic or non-Arabic ( It happens to be Arabic because the messenger was Arab! GOD sent the Torah in Hebrew, the language of the children of Israel and Jesus spoke Aramaic ,so the Gospel came in Aramaic) Say:” For those who believe, it is a guide and healing; As for those who disbelieve, they will be deaf and blind to it ( Even if they were pure Arabs!) as if they were addressed from far away.” ( Nowadays no language is a barrier! The message is more important than the language! More importantly if GOD is the author, HE guides with HIS words those who choose to be guided?)

41:45″ ( When) We have given Moses ( and Jesus) the scripture , it was also disputed. If it were not for your Lord s predetermined decision, ( To allow you a life to make your decision) they would have been judged immediately. Indeed, they harbour too many doubts.”

41:47″ Whoever works righteousness does so for his own good and whoever works evil does so to his own detriment. Your Lord is never unjust towards the people.”

41:53″ We will show them our proofs ( and signs) in the horizons and within themselves ( all humans) until they realize that this is the truth. ( Even if it takes until judgement day!) Is your Lord not sufficient as a witness to all things.”

41:54″ Indeed they are doubtful about meeting their Lord, HE is fully aware of all things.

keep checking. Good luck.

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