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Total Loyalty to God Alone




Dec 20, 2020

Who knows best?  Does GOD run out of words? Does HE need humans to explain HIS words? Who do you trust?

6:115″ The word of your Lord is complete in truth and justice. ( do you need the word of Humans in religion?) Nothing shall abrogate HIS words. HE is the Hearer, the Omniscient.”

6:116:” If you follow the majority of people on earth, they will divert you from the path of GOD. They follow only conjecture; They only guess.”

6:112″ We have permitted the enemies of every prophet, to inspire in each other fancy words in order to deceive. ( to test your loyalty?) Had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. You should disregard them and their fabrications.”

6:113:” This is to let the minds of those who do not ( really) believe in the hereafter (and  accountability!) listen to such fabrications and accept them and thus expose their real convictions.”

6:114″ Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law ( and religion!); When HE has revealed to you this book fully detailed? ( No need for the words of men?) Those who received the scripture ( before you) recognise that it has been revealed from your Lord truthfully. ( With proof  that it is the word of GOD? )  You shall not harbour any doubt.”

6:137″ Thus were the idol worshippers duped by their idols ( made up rules/ misled by the words of men?) to the extent of killing their children. ( Like stoning for adultery …) In fact their idols inflict  great pain  upon them ( invent laws/rules , Write their own books and claim it is from GOD,Mix in traditions, Add/ takeaway…) and confuse their religion for them… Disregard them and their fabrications.”

6:140″ Losers indeed are those who killed their children ( Followed these medieval rules!) foolishly, due to their lack of knowledge and prohibited what GOD has made lawful and followed innovations ( and traditions) attributed to GOD. They have gone astray; They are not guided.”

7:3″ You shall follow what is revealed to you from your Lord. ( Only the word of GOD!) Do not follow any idols. ( Do not follow the words of men!) Rarely do you take heed!”

7:6″ We will certainly question those who received the message ,( then made up doctrines, false religion,…) and we will question the messengers.”

7:7″ We will inform them ( all humans on the day of judgement) authoritatively, for We were never absent.”

7:51″ Those who do not take their religion seriously, ( follow blindly!) and are totally preoccupied with this worldly life; ( have got other more important priorities/ other motives) We forget them on that day (Resurrection!) like they forgot that day( themselves!) and because they spurned our revelations.” ( followed the words of men!)

7:52″ We have given them a scripture that is fully detailed, ( Is this true? Check it?) with knowledge, guidance and mercy for the people who believe.”

( Did GOD  give Moses the Tablets? HIS own words? Did GOD require the children of Israel to write their own words?)

7:169″ Subsequent to them, ( The children of Israel) HE (GOD) substituted new generations who inherited the scripture .(The word of GOD!) But they opted for  the worldly life instead, ( and the words of Men!) saying:” We will be forgiven”, but then they continued to opt for the materials of this world. ( and justify their deviation from the word of GOD!) Did they not make a covenant to uphold the scripture (and only follow the word of GOD!) and not to say about GOD except the truth? Did they not study the scripture? ( It forbade them from following idols?) Certainly the hereafter is far better for those who believe (and  stay loyal to GOD!) and maintain righteousness ( Follow the word of GOD only!). Do you not understand?”

7:181″ Among our creation there are those who guide with the truth ( and follow  only the word of GOD!) and the truth renders them righteous.”

8:29″ O you who believe, if you reverence GOD, ( Stay loyal, only follow HIS word!) HE will enlighten you, ( Teaches you HIS religion) remits your sins and forgives you. GOD possesses infinite grace.”

8:59″ Let not those who disbelieve ( rather follow their own/others innovations, creates false religions/other…) think they will  get away with it. They can never escape.” ( We all go back to GOD?)

8:73″ … Unless you keep the commandments of GOD, ( and follow only the word of GOD!)  there will be Chaos on earth and terrible corruption.”

9:78″ Do they not realise ( all humans!) that GOD knows their secrets and their conspiracies and that GOD is the knower of all secrets?”

10:60″ Does it ever occur to those who fabricate lies ( invent false religions, write their own rules/books…) about GOD that they will have to face HIM on the day of judgement?”

11:116″ If only some of those among the previous generations possessed enough intelligence to forbid evil. ( and not follow the words of Men, that create divisions/ sects, hatred…) Only few of them deserved to be saved. As for the transgressors, they were preoccupied with their material luxuries. They were guilty.” ( Of inventing /following lies about GOD!)

11:118″ Had your Lord willed all the people would have been one congregation. ( of believers) But they will always dispute the truth.” ( We have chosen – freedom of choice- God will not force anyone. Everyone needs to make their own decision? )

11112″ Therefore continue on the path you have been enjoined to follow. ( submission and total loyalty to GOD ALONE) Together with those who will repent with you ( If that is the choice they want to make!) and do not transgress. ( This choice requires following GOD ALONE!) HE is seer of everything you do.”

11:119″ Only those blessed with mercy from your Lord ( will not dispute this truth!) That is why HE created them. ( To test their loyalty!) The judgement of your Lord has already been issued!” ( GOD knows the past, the present and the future?)

May GOD guide all those who seek HIM ( and HIS word) ALONE!

Looking forward to the future. God willing.

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