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Total Loyalty to God Alone




Dec 20, 2020

Everyone has- some truth/all the truth- in the religion they practise ? Is it from man or from GOD? Is it from both?

Are all the members of your congregation in agreement with all the contents?  Are you happy with what you have?

23:53 ” But they tore themselves into disputing factions (groups/sects) .Each party happy with what they have.”

( Of course they have the truth?)

23:54 ” Therefore just leave them in their confusion for a while.”

( How long…? 50 years? 70 years? 100 years?)

23:55 ” Do they think that since We provide them with material things and children ( in this life)”

23:56 ” We must be showering them with blessings?  They have no idea.”

( Is this life a loyalty test?   By who? Why?)

23:57 ” surely those who are reverently concious of their Lord.”

( Is this a believer?)

23:58 ” And who believe in the revelations of their Lord”

( How would you know which are the Words of GOD? Are you sure they are not the words of men? )

23:59 ” And who never set up any Idols beside their Lord.”

( is this total loyalty to GOD ALONE? )

23:60 ” As they are seeking to help others ( get the most important priority right), their hearts are fully reverent for they recognise that they will be summoned before their Lord.”

23:61 ” They are eager to do righteous works; They compete in doing them.”

( What? You think about GOD in your life? You involve God?  Surely you can go it alone? Most people are successful by going it alone?)

There is more in my third post. See you soon. If you still want to!

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