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Total Loyalty to God Alone




Dec 20, 2020

Freedom of choice?  Who decides? On what?

On when to be born? On where to be born?  on how long you live?

Can you read the future? What about at the point of death?

23:99 ” When death comes to any of them, He/She will say:” My Lord send me back.” “

(To  have another go at this life?)

23:100 ” (Send me back) ” I will ( be totally loyal to you/ Submit to you),then work righteousness in everything I left”. Not true; This is a false claim that He/She makes. ( You were allowed one go at it!, too late!, besides) A barrier now will separate his/her soul from this world until Resurrection.”

23:101 ” When the horn is blown, no relation among them will exist on that day, nor will they care about one another.”

( Is there a day of judgement?)

23:115 ” Did you think that We created you in vain; That you were not to be returned to Us.”

23:116 ” Most exalted is GOD, the true Sovereign. There is no other god beside HIM. The most Honourable Lord, Possessor of all authority.”

23:117 ” Anyone who Idolises beside GOD any other god ( human, non human, material etc….) and without any proof, his reckoning rests with his Lord. The disbelievers ( and idol worshippers) never succeed.”

( Prove all things?   A matter of life and death?)

24:39 ”  The works of the disbeliever ( in this life) are like a mirage in the desert. A thirsty person thinks that it is water. But when he reaches it ( at death) he finds that it is nothing and he finds GOD there instead to judge him for his works. GOD is the most efficient Reckoner.”

24:40 ” Another allegory is that of being in total darkness in the midst of a violent ocean, with waves upon waves, in addition to thick fog ( ocean storm) . Darkness  upon darkness. If he looked at his hand (next to him) he would barely see it. Whomever GOD deprives of light ( Everyone is free to make the decision -With GOD or without GOD-) he will have no light.”

( What happens after death? Do we meet GOD? Why?)

25:21 ” Those who do not expect to meet Us ( they do not expect to be judged) said/will say :”If only the angels will come down to us, or we could see our Lord” ( then we will believe). Indeed, they have shown a gross arrogance and produced a blasphemy.”

( Will a test of loyalty/ submission still be valid then?)

25:22 ” The day they will see the angels, it will not be good news for the guilty. They will say:” Now we are irreversibly confined.”

25:23 ” We will look at all the works they have done and render them null and void.”

( They made the wrong choice?)

25:24 ” The dwellers of paradise are far better on that day; They will hear better news.”

( What day?)

25:25 ” The day Heaven will break apart into masses of clouds, and the angels will descend in multitudes.”

25:26 ” All sovereignty on that day will belong to the most Gracious (GOD ALONE). For the disbelievers it will be a difficult day.”

25:27 ” That day the transgressor will bite his hands ( in anguish) and say:” Alas, I wish I followed the true path with the ( true) messenger.”

25:28 ” Alas, Woe to me, I wish ( I did not follow blindly) I did not take that person (  Idolised person, followed person, etc..) as a friend.”

( Who should we trust most? GOD or people?)

25:29 ” He has led me away from the message ( total loyalty/submission to GOD ALONE) , after it came to me.”

( Is the test to bring out your true conviction?).

Join me in the fifth post. GOD willing?

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