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Total Loyalty to God Alone




Dec 20, 2020

53:57″ The inevitable is imminent.”  ( Resurrection and Judgement?, Who do you answer to?)

53:58″ None beside GOD can relieve it.”

53:59″Are you questioning this matter?”

53:60″ Are you laughing instead of crying?”

53:61″Are you insisting on your ways.”

( Here is a message from your creator, Yes you this computer/technology Generation!)

54:1″ The hour (Resurrection and judgement!) has come close, and the Moon has split.”( 1969, Man landed on the Moon and brought Moon rocks to be analysed!)

54:2″ Then they saw a miracle, but they turned away and said:” Old magic.” ” ( 1974, The discovery of- Code 19- with the aid of computers, proof that the last message from GOD “ Koran” could not have been authored by Man!)

54:3″ They disbelieved, followed their opinions and adhered to their old traditions.” 

( GOD sent this last message more than 1400 years ago!)

54:6″ Ignore them; The day will come when the caller will announce a terrible disaster.”

54:8″ As they respond to the caller, the disbelievers will say:” This is a difficult day.” “

54:17″ We have made this Koran (Last message!) easy to learn; Does any of you wish to learn?”

( Simple criteria, Submit to your creator and see for yourself? Do not be like past generations!!!)

54:42″ They ( Past generations) rejected all Our signs, ( and miracles!) consequently, We requited them as an Almighty, Omnipotent should.”  ( Read their stories, Noah, Pharaoh, etc….)

54:43″ Are your disbelievers ( You, this generation!) better than those disbelievers? Have you been absolved by the scripture?” ( Are you exempt?)

54:44″ Perhaps they think( You this generation!):” We will be the winners!” ( Humans and Arrogance!)

54:45″ All of them ( Disbelievers of all generations!) will be defeated; They will turn around and ( try to ) flee.” ( Only there is nowhere to escape to! )

54:46″ The hour is awaiting them ( Judgement day!!!) and the hour is far worse and more painful.”

54:49″ Everything We created is precisely measured.”

54:50″ Our commands are done within the blink of an eye.”

54:51″ We annihilated your counterparts. ( From the old generations) Does any of you wish to learn?”

54:52″ Everything they did is recorded in scrolls.” ( Accurate records!)

54:53″ Everything ,small or large, is written down.” ( Remember, GOD is forgiver, Most Merciful if you submit!)

56:77  to 56:87:

” This is an honourable book.” (Message)… A protected book.” ( By -Code 19!)

” None can grasp it except the Sincere!” ( Simple criteria of submission, no other Motives!)

” Are you disregarding this narration?”

” Do you make it your business that you do not believe?”

” When the time comes and “it” ( Your last breath as you are dying!) reaches your throat.”

” You will then look around.”

” We are closer to it than you are, but you do not see.” ( The Angel of death!)

” If it is true that you do not owe any accounting.” ( That you are not returning to your creator for judgement!) 

” Why do you not restore ( your life!) if you are truthful!”

57:22″ Anything that happens on earth or to you, has already been recorded, even before the creation; This is easy for GOD to do.” ( GOD knows the past, present and the future!)

” This is the absolute truth.”

” You shall glorify the name of your Lord, the Great.”

( Have a good journey, Good luck with your decision!)

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