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Total Loyalty to God Alone




Dec 20, 2020

Who is right? Why so many sects? Why all the division?

Judaism? Christianity? Islam? Shinto? Hinduism? etc. … Can they be all man made religions?

Is GOD not consistent? Will HE send a contradictory message?

Are we all responsible to check for ourselves? Does prejudice and arrogance come into it?

So What is the True Religion?!

41:51″ When We bless the human being, he turns away and drifts farther and farther away, ( from GOD) and when he suffers affliction, he implores loudly.”

41:52″ Proclaim:” What if this is the truth from GOD, then you decide to reject it? Who are farther astray than those who decide to oppose this?” “

( Is GOD making a point? )

41:54″ Indeed they are doubtful about meeting their Lord, HE is fully aware of all things.”

( All these religions, GOD is aware they exist? Now what?)

42:10″ If you dispute any part of this message, the judgement for doing this rests with GOD. Such is GOD my Lord. In HIM I trust and to HIM I submit.”

( You are responsible for your own decision? Do you want to follow blindly? Or check for yourself? What is the message?)

42:13″ HE ( GOD) decreed for you the same religion decreed for Noah and what We inspired to you and what We decreed for Abraham, Moses and Jesus:” You shall uphold this one religion and do not divide it.” The idol worshippers will greatly resent what you are inviting them to do. GOD redeems to Himself only those who totally submit.”

( One religion, not many! Man made stuff is called here ” idol worship” -following others- nothing to do with what GOD decreed!)

42:14″ Ironically, they broke up into sects only after the knowledge had come to them, due to jealousy among themselves. ( Mine is better than yours?!) Indeed the later generations who inherited the scripture ( Jews. Christians, Muslims, etc….) are full of doubts.”

42:15″ This is what you shall preach ( Submission to GOD ALONE!) and steadfastly maintain what you are commanded to do, ( Do not follow man-made stuff!) and do not follow their wishes…”

42:21″ They follow idols who decree for them religious laws never authorised by GOD!”

42:22″ You will see the transgressors ( Those who create false doctrines, false religions…) worried about everything they had committed; Everything will come back and haunt them” ( On the day of judgement!)

42:36″ Whatever you are given is no more than temporary materials of this life. What GOD possesses is far better and everlasting for those who ( submit) believe and trust in GOD.”

42:47″ You shall respond to your Lord before a day comes which is decreed inevitable by GOD. There will be no refuge for you that day, nor will you find an advocate.”

43:6″ We have sent prophets to the previous generations.”

43:7″ Every time a prophet went to them they ridiculed him”
( Then after he dies, they idolise the prophet, create false rules, doctrines and change GOD s message?)

43:22″ In fact they said:” We found our parents carrying on certain practices ( traditions…) and we are following in their footstep.”

43:23″ Invariably, when We send a Warner to any community, the leaders of that community would say:” We found our parents following certain practices and we will continue in their footsteps.” “

43:24″ The messenger would say:” What if I brought you better guidance than what you inherited from your parents?” They would say:” We are disbelievers in the message you brought.” “

43:26″ Abraham said to his father:” I disown what you worship (follow!),” “

43:27″ Only the one who initiated me, can guide me.”

43:28″ This example ( Of Abraham) was rendered an everlasting lesson for subsequent generations, perhaps they redeem themselves.”

( Submission to GOD ALONE? Is this the true religion? The only religion?)

43:43″ You shall steadfastly preach what is revealed to you; You are in the right path.”

43:44″ This is a message for you and your people ( and all  future generations!) All of you will be questioned.”

43:66″ Are they waiting for the hour ( day of Resurrection) to come to them when they least expect it?”

43:67″ The close friends on that day will become enemies of one another ( blaming each other!) except the righteous.”

43:69″ They are the ones who believed in our revelations and were submitters.”

43:78″ We have given you the truth. But most of you hate the truth.”

43:80″ Do they think that We do not hear their secrets and conspiracies? Yes indeed, Our messengers ( Angels) are with them recording.”

43:83″ Let them blunder and play until they meet their day that is awaiting them.”

43:88″ It will be proclaimed:” O my Lord, these people will not believe.”

( You are free to make your own decision!)

43:89″ You shall disregard them and say:” Peace” They will find out.”

44:59″ Therefore wait, they too will have to wait.”

A Glimpse into the future!!!

50:19″ Finally the inevitable coma of death comes; ( to you) This is what you tried to evade!”

50:20″ The horn will be blown; This is the promised day.” ( Day of Resurrection!)

50:21″ Every soul comes with a herder and a witness.”( Angels obeying GOD s command!)

50:22″ You used to be oblivious to this, We now remove your veil; Today your vision is as strong as steel.”

( The physical life has now finished! The hereafter starts! Test is over )

50:29″ Nothing can be changed now. I am never unjust towards the people.”

51:8″ You continue to dispute the truth.” ( And the true religion)

51:9″ Deviating from it ( Submission to GOD ALONE!) are the deviators.” ( Those who create false religions!)

51:10″ Woe to the falsifiers!”

51:11″ In their blundering they are totally heedless.”

Check your religion carefully and make your decision, good luck.

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