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Total Loyalty to God Alone


An important topic from good logic.

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I make a big difference between a homosexual person and GOD s laws that apply to all of us. except  very few .
 There exist  different types of people including the homosexuals , heterosexuals, bisexuals …etc
The question for me is two fold:
1-Is the homosexual person condemned/wrong just by having the feeling and inclination towards the same sex human?
2- Can the homosexual person,break GOD s laws if they follow GOD and His message?

Then we can see that we are dealing with two subjects;
1- The person that is different like other differences of other humans in a lot of other things.
2- The act/laws that govern the behaviour of all the different believing in GOD humans including the homosexual.

Here we all have a choice to either follow GOD s laws if we believe or ignore and follow our own desires and choices if we do not believe in GOD..

For example can we say that the homosexual  does not need to follow GOD s laws  of sexual behaviour if they follow GOD s message?
Or these laws are for everybody  else but homosexuals?.

 Then we can discuss what Qoran says about sexual behaviour  for all.
Then we come to rights and wrongs and who decides what is right or wrong?
Of course according to Qoran  we should not say to peaceful/good people  they are not believers or call them or reject them. We should treat homosexuals the same as any other human.,
I have to accept that we are all different and GOD accepts or rejects according to His deep knowledge of who is breaking the laws or not. And GOD Alone is forgiver Merciful even to those who break the laws.
 However GOD has given us a code of conduct ,and sexual conduct is detailed in Qoran, like sex before marriage,adultery,sex with different partners,divorce…etc.

I hear this argument often,may be justified for a lot of people: Are homosexuals not entitled to sex with partners?

This leads to another issue of why are the natural things  set up the way they are for the majority of people by GOD?
 For example
Creation of male and female sex organs.
Anus and mouth and other,, have not got a natural  sexual function.
reproduction and inheritance of genes. only through the cell of both  sex organs.
…etc  This altogether is another subject of deeper reflection .
My view is this :
As humans we have different anomalies/inclinations/ways. We should all respect humans that are peaceful and wish us no harm.
GOD is the judge of the people and will settle our differences.
Those who break GOD s laws the matter is between them and GOD. Those who repent and correct GOD is forgiver most Merciful.
As for “unfortunate” and “rights”, I can personally see oppression of all types of people and I can see that a lot of people are deprived of all sorts,including sex through no fault of their own. They can be alone most of their life or disabled or any other type.
GOD created the laws, GOD judges, GOD will settle the matter between all of us.
For me, I will be a hypocrite if I say I follow Qoran and not follow GOD s laws as I understand them.
GOD bless .