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Total Loyalty to God Alone


Another important topic with good logic.

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“Islam the false religion of the majority of Moslems!

True Islam was hijacked by Traditional Islam

First simple universal Islam was established way before Traditional Islam and hadith and still is defined as the same one in Qoran:

Basics of true Islam to GOD:
1-Belief in GOD.
2-Belief in accountability to GOD Alone-doing good deeds-
3-Belief in GOD s scripture/s-GOD s words only-

Simple Islam, which is based on Quran instead of Hadith leads to eliminating the Elders  from the religious practice and frees Traditional Muslims from the serfdom of their local Elders/past generations/history. Many of the unreasonable rules that are hanging from the wounded body of  Traditional Islam (such as Apostasy) will automatically disappear since such irrational interpretations are stemmed either from Hadith or the not-so-much-defensible history of Traditional Muslims.

The main advantage of Simple Islam is its simplicity. A simple religion (i) is less susceptible to deviation along the history, (ii) is reachable by the general public, and (iii) is less likely to be abused by the opportunists who would confuse the public and trick them into following their commands in the name of worshipping the God.

Second, with ignoring Hadith, Islam remains separated from the history of “Islam”–or in better words the history of  Traditional Muslims. It then becomes possible to firmly defend true Islam in the 21st century without needing to defend even a moment of history of  Traditional Muslims and what they did in the past: from neglecting women rights to attacking the other countries with the excuse of spreading Islam. Most of the current criticisms of Islam are actually criticisms of the way of Traditional Muslims in the past centuries up to now, and not of the axioms of Islam in Qoran.

Third, the Muslims practicing Simple Islam get free from unreasonable Sharia laws that originally come from Hadith and are later wrongfully attributed to Islam. For example, if not all, most of the Elders believe in Apostasy: killing the unfortunate person who converts from Traditional Islam. Nothing is more cheerful for a Muslim practicing Simple Islam than the fact that this rule as well as rules similar to it are inconsistent with Quran and have roots in nothing but the unreliable, shaky sands of Hadith.

Islam with hadith is just another man made religion like those before it.
GOD bless .