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My problem with Qoran. From good logic.

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Here is a list of the problems I had with Qoran that I am trying to solve for at least 10/11 years:

1-Why so many different interpretations? Where is the easy/straight forward interpretation that some of  its verses talk about?
2- Why send Qoran in Arabic only when it is intended for all the world? Is that fair on the French,English…etc?
3-Why does GOD not send it to us straight to our brains/mind individually like the instinct of right and wrong?
4-How can GOD expect us to work with Him when we cannot see or communicate( I thought that was not possible) with Him?
5-Why am I drawn to this book when I try to read it? Why even bother with it if it is not making sense to me now?
6- Why am I frustrated with this book,I wish I never set eyes on it? Why waste my time and effort ,I have a life to lead and friends to keep?

And the questions kept rolling every time I picked Qoran to have another browse:
7-Why am I even bothering even picking it up when I still see no sense with the majority of its verses?

After few weeks I am back to picking this book again,just  to make sure a “eurika moment” appear  or like I am developing a conscious towards “at least have another look”

Then my questions took a different approach and I started again:
1-Who am I and why am I a human?
2- What am I suppose to do/my purpose and who put me here /created all this?
3- why this way?

All I can say now is that the contents are now directing my curiosity and questions, I am hooked ,I have to study this book and try my best to really see what it is saying to me.
Yes, it felt like I am now becoming engaged in a long conversation with this book. That took a little more than two years. I felt like it was written for me to wrestle with it.
I came to a conclusion that I cannot leave it until I am satisfied and can prove that it is a lot of nonsense.
Or this book is really from outer space by another intelligence.

Here are more questions for more choices with Qoran:
1- Why believe Qoran is from GOD if you do not believe GOD?
2-Either believe or do not believe,but be true to yourself and use your GOD given faculties in your life to reflect on your choices and decisions with or without Qoran?
3-Why be afraid of GOD or sanctions from GOD if you cannot connect with GOD or His message?
4– Why follow any law from GOD(like for example do salat-prayer-) if you do not know what it is or benefit from it? After all who are you fooling?
5- why follow any law if you do not agree with it or are not forced either by choice or system? I do not see GOD forcing anyone,nor do .I see GOD taking away any choices from humans,but I see communities and human systems do that?

I find it an individual task,journey  that each has to take by choice . Belief/ Iman grows and with it our soul. GOD feeds the soul according to its limitation/capacity and choice to grow. Or GOD does not interfere at all if the soul takes that choice and stays undernourished.

I  also find Qoran to be tailored for my limitation and I have no knowledge of where this limitation goes up to. Each one of us ,if they want to feed their soul,they will  find that GOD has “catered”/”tailored” for their needs in the Message . “La  Wukallifu ALLH Nafsan Illa Wusaaha”. -GOD does not make a soul bare more than it can handle-
Leave or take Qoran. Your choice.
GOD bless you.