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Recognise who you are with good logic.

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Do you see yourself as different ? Why?

Can we solve the problem of gender bias? Where are we at recognising the value of every human being?

Let us take the example of being a “woman” in this world:

It is a whole world problem for women, not just with religions…
It will take more time. We are not there yet. It is still a “man s world” out there!

What is a feminist perspective? – An Overview

Feminist Perspective:  One’s worldview is formed by the experiences one has lived. It is apparent but often-overlooked fact that everyday experiences of women are not the same as men. Nevertheless, social theorists, for a very long time, continued to proffer an androcentric view of the world. No wonder why we only heard about the founding fathers of sociology.

Feminist perspective highlights the social issues that are often overlooked or misidentified by already present social theories. It analyses women’s experiences of gender subordination and identifies the underlying causes of gender oppression. It closely studies women’s social roles, interests and experiences at both micro and macro level.

Feminist perspective uses conflict theory to examine the reinforcement of gender roles and inequalities. While conflict theory focuses on the unequal distribution of power and resources, feminist theory, at a more nuanced level, looks at power in its relation to gender.

The proponents of feminist perspective argue that the relations between women and men cannot be reduced to differences in biological functions. Gender is much more than biological distinctions. It consists of assumptions and social expectations regarding what it means to be a male or a female. These aspects are sociological as they form a part of the culture and not nature. Therefore, according to feminists, gender is a social construct as social actors actively create it during everyday interactions.

There are diverse feminist theories, each having different perspective but working towards the same aim – offering remedies for gender inequalities. Liberal feminists believe that women’s unequal access to social, political and economic institutions causes their oppression. They believe that gender equality can be brought by ‘transforming the division of labour through the repatterning of key institutions- law, work, family, education, and media’ (Ritzer, 1992).

Radical feminists believe that oppression is rooted in sexuality. According to them, sexism is the oldest form of oppression. They argue that women’s bodies are controlled through violence, objectification and social institutions such as law, medicine, and religion. They propound that eradication of patriarchy and compulsory heterosexuality can eliminate gender oppression. Altering the current sexist discourse of motherhood, childbirth and sexuality can annihilate patriarchy.
 Because  we are still here,quote:
 Why is it that even today, in the 21st century, women tend to hide their feminine traits in order to be taken seriously? Why is it that being “girly” is considered an insult?
For centuries now, men have enjoyed supremacy over women. The first evidences to support this supremacy in India were found in the manusmriti. Apart from dealing with topics related to conduct, virtues, duties, rights and laws; the controversial text had many inconsistent views on women. It goes so far and even prescribes the number of lashings to be meted out and the length of the stick with which it must be administered in case of misconduct by a women. The text preached that a woman must obey and worship her father, brothers, husband and son as “a woman must never seek to live independently” (Olivelle, 2005).

Brothers and sisters all over the world. this is a worldwide problem, more so in Islamic and Abrahamic religions.

For me, it is a mental attitude problem as well, one is a human being with eyes,ears and brain first and foremost,not a male or female. If one see themselves as either male or female or no gender,or other type,they need to search inside them further to bring out the true self(spiritual self), This will nurture a confidence that overcomes the gender types . Then all humans will be seen as GOD s  spiritual beings with the same purpose.
!Inna Akramakum …Atkaakum!. i,e all competing in righteousness

GOD bless .