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What is the case of any book we read/study? Do we ask others to explain it to us without using our reasoning and check facts for our own satisfaction?

Let us say one goes to a library and picks up any book they are interested in, What explanation from others do they require? Either they can read and start to do so or don t end up there in the first place.
Or do they bring an explainer with them?

They will probably google things/ even check with so called experts things they do not understand,,but also use their faculties and reason to decipher the information.

The case of Qoran should be no different. If one is interested, they pick up a copy -Anywhere, any language(yes even other translations from Arabic)- and read through.
Then they take whatever journey they decide to take with it or whatever journey Qoran  will take them through it.

This is simple logic ,nothing complicated.
  The same logic applies if one is searching /investigating/checking if GOD exist .

For example I was looking for this GOD (are you?):

God. ( ɡɒd) n. 1. (,Theology) theol the sole Supreme Being, eternal, spiritual, and transcendent, who is the Creator and ruler of all and is infinite in all attributes(All knowing…etc)

 For me ,checking any ” claimed scripture” is checking something sent/authored /originated from/by the above GOD.
Then this simple /obvious reasoning will tell us that the GOD above  has the perfect knowledge and will not do errors by definition
If the “claimed scripture” has evidenced errors,nonsense and contradictions-with solid proof that they are errors- then the errors cannot be from  the above defined GOD..

So, if one believes in GOD and believes GOD sent a scripture,surely they EXPECT that scripture to be ERRORLESS and absolute TRUTH!!!!!
Or they they should not really believe in either or both .It will be contradictory

If one does not believe in GOD ,then there are no scriptures  as far as they are concerned..

It is honest ,truthful and logical that if one finds proven ERRORS,NONSENSE AND CONTRADICTIONS in any scripture they should deduce that these cannot be from GOD ( defined above). 

Also, we are social animals. We do not live our own lives, we live our “expected/dictated/pressurized” life by society.
We conform to the majority or are made to conform to the majority.
Those trying to live their own lives are very few people in this world of “expectations”. This is what most people see as reality, conforming to the systems of men.

Or one can ask what is our own life? This may lead them to reflect on themselves or should reflect.

But the magnet of society is too strong and keeps pulling us towards conformity.

So, the truth becomes irrelevant to the majority.
.Living our lives then will be dependent on the created, and we cut ourselves from the Creator. We take on other gods as a god and ignore The GOD.
Therefore we live our life the wrong way around ,the illusion becomes our reality and the reality becomes an illusion to us.


In the Qoran it says GOD gave us all the same identity-Humans- and we are all one community.
 It is us who prefer to divide ourselves into “sub communities” each rejoicing in their religions/ways  and oppressing others and lording it over others!!!

GOD also renews this message every time it becomes lost by the dividers.

All religions started as this plain and simple message:
Your GOD is one and your community is one. Follow the only authority-GOD Alone- and do not divide into sects of different religions

And the status quo continues unless we wake up to the reality of upholding the universal truth of all humans as one community and unite against all falsehood,division and fabrications by the dividers.
GOD bless.