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Total Loyalty to God Alone




Dec 20, 2020

6:52″ Do not dismiss those who implore their Lord day and night, (Asking their creator to help them decide in this life!) devoting themselves to HIM ALONE.( They are not wasting your time!) You are not responsible for their reckoning, nor are they responsible for your reckoning.( It is their own time!) If you dismiss them, ( You are being unfair!) you will be a transgressor.”

( Freedom of choice! You are responsible only for you! ( Once you reach the age of responsibility?) The decision to believe or disbelieve is yours! You cannot blame anyone else? Check and prove all things, or follow others ,or do not bother to do anything? Will anyone else be accountable for you?)

6:57″ Say:” I have solid proof from my Lord ( Mathematical proof that this scripture is from GOD?) and you have rejected it. I do not control the retribution. ( That some challenge from GOD!) Judgement belongs to GOD. (ALONE!) HE tells the truth, and HE is the best Judge.”

6:59″ With HIM ( GOD the creator!) are the keys of all secrets. None knows them except HE. HE knows everything on land and in sea. Not a leaf falls without HIS knowledge, nor is there a grain in the depths of the soil, nor is there anything wet or dry that is not recorded in a profound record.”

6:61″ HE is supreme over HIS creatures, and HE appoints guards (Angels) to protect you. When the appointed time of death comes to any of you, Our messengers ( Angel of death) put him to death without delay.”

6:62″ Then everyone ( Every single human!) is returned to GOD. Their rightful Lord and Master. Absolutely, HE is the ultimate Judge. HE is the most accurate Reckoner,”

6:65″ Say:” HE is certainly able to pour upon you retribution from above you or from beneath your feet; Or HE can divide you into factions( Tribes, Nations?) and have you taste each others tyranny. Note how We explain the revelations that they may understand.”

6:67″ Every prophecy in ( This scripture) here, will come to pass and you will surely find out.”

6:69″ The righteous( Submitters) are not responsible for those who reject, ( Total submission and loyalty to GOD?) but it may help to remind them;( About the greatness and power of GOD!) Perhaps they may be saved.”

6:102″ Such is GOD your Lord, ( HE wants total submission from all HIS creatures, to HIM ALONE!) there is no god except HE ( HE has no partners, no wife/girlfriend, no son, no daughter etc…HE is Unique, everything else is HIS creation!) the Creator of all things. You shall worship ( And follow)  HIM  ALONE. ( Do not rely on anyone else) HE is in control of all things.” ( Yesterday, today , tomorrow and forever!)

6:103″ No vision can encompass HIM ( HE is not going to show Himself in this life while this life is a test for submission and loyalty! We cannot imagine ( HIS look, gender etc….) as our imagination is limited to this physical life! But we will certainly see HIM on the day of judgement. ) but HE encompasses all visions. ( HE can see all of us, nothing is hidden from HIM!) HE is the Compassionate, ( Ready to help and forgive those who sincerely seek HIM!) THE Cognizant.”

6:110″ We control their minds and their hearts, thus since their decision is to disbelieve ,( Remember you are in full control of yourself, You make your own decision, you are responsible for you!) We leave them in their transgression blundering.”

6:134″ What is promised to you ( by GOD) will surely come to pass, and you can never evade it.”

6:135″ Say:” O my people ( All you humans!) do your best ( in this life) and so will I. ( We all find out we can never manage without GOD s  help) You will surely find out who the ultimate victors are. ( Those who totally submit!) The wicked will never succeed.”

7:100″ Does it ever occur to those who inherit the earth after previous generations ( Including you this generation!) that if We will, We can punish them for their sins and seal their hearts; Causing them to be deaf?” ( To GOD s message!)

7:102″ ( Past generations) We found most of them disregard their covenant; We found most of them wicked.”

( What covenant?)

7:172″ Recall ( There is a barrier between this life and “other life” hence the reminder!) that your Lord summoned all the descendants of Adam ( Humans, prior to this life and creation of this universe) and had them bear witness for themselves ( Yes each and every individual!):” am I not your Lord?” ( One ruler, One authority, One system so that we do not divide ourselves into factions/tribes…) They all said:” Yes we bear witness” ( You will remember this covenant on the day of judgement?) thus you cannot say on the day of Resurrection:” We were not aware of this.”

( You are responsible and accountable! this life is A test of loyalty to GOD your creator?)

7:173″ Nor can you say:” It was our parents who practised idolatry ( Were loyal to others!) and we simply followed in their footsteps; Will you punish us for what others have innovated?”

( Only yourself to blame?)

7:174″ We thus explain the revelations ( To remind the humans!) to enable the people to redeem themselves.”

( Accept or do not accept? You will be  responsible for your own decision?)

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