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Total Loyalty to God Alone




Dec 20, 2020

First post:

21:10 ” We have sent to you ( All you humans) Scripture containing your message. will you not understand?”

( Do you want to understand?  What is this Scripture? Who Brought it?)

21:7 ” We did not send before you except men ( Humans) whom We inspired. Ask those who know the Scripture, if you are in doubt?”

( They were humans? How?)

21:8  ” We did not give them bodies that did not eat, nor were they immortal.”

( A message? Why?

21:1  ” Fast approaching is the judgement for the people ( all humans), but they are oblivious, averse ( to it,unaware!)”

( A message?  Who sent it?)

21:2 ” When a new proven Scripture comes to them from their Lord they listen to it heedlessly ( dismissing it arrogantly)”

21:3 ” Their minds are preoccupied. ( with this life ) They confer secretly (Every generation that receives new Scripture from a human- prophet/messenger) : Is he not just a human being like you? Would you accept these tales that are presented to you?”

  (A message?  Brought by humans? one consistent message?)

21:25 ” We did not send a messenger before you except with the same inspirational message:” There is no god except ME (The ONE GOD); You shall worship ME ALONE” “

(Hear O Israel your lord GOD is ONE! , you shall love GOD with all your heart ,with all your soul and with all your mind)

   ( A message?  One GOD?  Who?  Again who?)

21:27 “They ( prophets/messengers) never speak on their own ( not their words!), and they strictly follow HIS commands.”

         (  Who  ? GOD?)

21:30 ” Do the disbelievers ( and those who do not acknowledge or value the creator) not realise that the heavens and the earth used to be one solid mass that We exploded into existence ( Big Bang Theory!), and from water we made all living things? Would they believe?.”

( When Science proves the Big Bang Theory, the coded universe and Scripture! Wait, Science will prove that a) A creator exists? b) He sent a Scripture? )

See you in my second post?  if you want!

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