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Total Loyalty to God Alone


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Dec 20, 2020

22: 15 ” If anyone  thinks that GOD cannot support him/her  in  this life and in the hereafter, let him/her  turn completely to ( the creator in ) heaven and sever (  depending on anyone else). He/she  will then see that this plan eliminates anything that bothers him/her.”


I recall,years ago,when I sort of realised my “cleverness” included a lot of ignorance and non sense,it was like falling from a top perch .(May be it still does?)

I ,then started to undo my ” Hypnotism/brainwashing” and probably went about it  with strong feelings,falling into difficult situations with people.
This changed  me  to have an “attitude” of “Iam aware now”/You cannot fool me/you are sheep/you are fools/I know better now/I have the “truth”…etc”. I was coming on strong towards shouting out this “truth” or what I really thought was the truth!

Anyway,little did I realise that far from changing for the better,I was changing for the worse.

It is only recently that I am reflecting on my thoughts,deeds,behaviour,communication,and relationships with others.

I am also  realising that Qoran deals with what people are and addresses the good, bad and ugly offering a way out for each of these individuals, if they followed the best path instructed by the Creator in the message.

I am now changing course altogether. Working on myself as best I can .To concentrate on my path and treat all people on  a same level until I have evidence their character is “oppressive/bad”,even then, I have no hate inside(trying very hard ) knowing that all people can change and that GOD is Forgiver most Merciful.

I do not preach or argue or even initiate conversations,I just give people a chance to talk to me about whatever they want to. I am trying very hard to listen to everyone I meet. I have no affiliation or belong to any congregation or religion or sect. I feel inside like I belong to all congregations and at the same time I am separate in a personal relationship with GOD Alone .

My aim is to be a peaceful,respectful,non judgemental,positive and friendly person. I am working on it.
Very difficult indeed.
GOD bless .

22: 17  ” Those who believe, those who are Jewish, the Converts ( to any religion), the Christians, the Zoroastrians   ( and any name you wish to give to man s religion) and the idol worshippers ( and the Muslims,  Hindus, the thousands of religious sects, the disbelievers, the Atheists, etc…) GOD is the one who will judge among them on the day of Resurrection. GOD witnesses all things.”

Take  your pick, the decision is yours. But Reflect before you do or while you are doing. Who is your God?

Does your religion divide itself into factions/groups/sects?

If you do not have a religion, who are you loyal to?

Who has the truth? Does it matter? What is the truth?

How do you know ?

Do you have a book you take your instructions from? who is the author?

Have you checked its contents? With whom?

Who or what do you rely on to help you?

Do you believe there is a GOD?  a Creator?  Are you Certain?

Do you believe there is no God?  Are you certain?

Does it make no difference to you one way or the other?

If you believe there is a GOD, can you prove it? or is it “Faith”? or both?

If you do not believe in a God, can you prove it?

You can either bury your head in the sand or challenge yourself to find out if what you really know and believe makes sense.

Are there any contradictions? are there any “fables and nonsense”?

Do you follow others? Are you the one being followed? or neither?

Do you want others to answer questions like these for you? do you go about answering them yourself?

Do you not even ask these questions? Are there no answers to all,most or few of these questions?

Of course other questions could be asked.  see recent post, if you want. The choice is yours.

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